Update - Dec 10, 2016

2016 Waterfowl Regulations: Click here!

2016 Migratory Bird E-Permits: Click here!


NOTICE:  Due to ice conditions A-Zone will be closed after Dec 10, 2016.  

As a reminder all B-Zone blinds must be removed by March 15, 2017.  Our next general meeting will be held on Jan 11, 2017.



 ATTENTION HUNTERS:  ALL hunters in your group must report back to the waterfowl office after their hunt whether they have harvested birds or not.  ALL birds must be brought up to the Waterfowl Office for inspection and statistical recording.  There is a table outside the door to place your birds after a hunt.  If this rule is not followed the MNRF will be notified.

A-Zone Waterfowl Information:  Waterfowl hunting in Rondeau Bay (both A & B Zone) only occurs on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday - this is to provide rest days for the birds in a major staging area during migration. 

The Waterfowl Office is open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday at 4:00 a.m.  Each daily draw will commence at 4:30 a.m. sharp.  Please find more detailed explaination of the procedures for all waterfowl hunting within Rondeau Bay under the Info Booklet Tab for download.  These booklets are also available at the Waterfowl Office.  If you have any additional questions please email Admin here or by phone under the Contact Us Tab.


"Barrier Free Blind" Proposal

RBWA is in the process of creating a second Barrier Free Blind at the location of the #3 blind on the bay. A small parking lot is present at that location, suitable for three vehicles. A wheel chair accessible walkway and base for a 16'x8' blind suitable to handle two wheel chairs and helpers will be constructed should the funding be attained for this project. Of course, this blind will also be a great rest location for individuals travelling the marsh trail by foot or bicycle. The cost of this project is $15 000.00. If you or your group would like to donate please contact Mike M. at 519-359-7932 for more information. To receive a tax receipt cheques can be made out to "The Friends of Rondeau", please include in the memo line "Barrier Free Blind". Donations can be sent to:

Mike Moynihan
18110 Third Ave.
Morpeth, Ontario
N0P 1X0

Click here for Proposal approved by Rondeau Park.

Click here for fund raising letter.

The 2016 RBWA Youth Hunt:

in Memory of Percy Pickering 

Rbwa is very pleased to honour the memory of this great waterfowler, well known for his easy going manner and great smile which greeted everyone who met him. Percy was a former executive member of RBWA who loved to hunt in Long Pond. His adventures there are legendary. His infectious smile greeted many at opening draw prior to the morning hunt as he knew exactly where to be when duck hunting started. A great family man, Percy's tradition is carried on by his son, Ken, and grandkids, who also hunt at Rondeau. 

The 2016 RBWA Youth Hunt in Memory of Percy Pickering will be held on Sept 30 - Oct 1, 2016  For more details read about previous Mentored Youth Hunts on this website. To sign up a new hunter for the event, contact Brad Martin.  You must be pre-registered to take part in this event and hold either a current A1 Apprentice Hunter Safety Card or a current Ontario Small Game license, as well as a current federal Migratory Bird Permit. For more details click here. There is no cost to participants. 

Note on Membership for 2016:

Membership fees are going up! OFAH has increased its fees so we have been forced to increase ours as outlined below. Remember, you must be a current member of OFAH to be a member of the Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers Association.

As of Wednesday, May 12, 2016 the following prices are in effect.

RBWA + OFAH Family - $75.00

RBWA + Ind'l - $60.00

RBWA + Youth - $35.00

With proof of OFAH Membership*

No RBWA membership is in effect until the OFAH number has been verified.

RBWA Family Membership - $30.00

RBWA Ind'l Membership - $20.00

RBWA Youth Membership - $5.00

RBWA Family + OFAH (without magazine) - $50.00

RBWA Ind'l + OFAH (Without magazine) - $35.00

Mike M. is the new membership cordinator. The membership form is found under the Membership tab.

RBWA News - March, 2016

Elections were held at the March meeting. All positions were acclaimed. The results are:

President - Ed Myslik

Vice President - Josh Guest

Secretary - Norm McCauley

Treasurer - Peter Leistra

Public Relations - Brendan Guest

Congratulations fellas. Thanks for stepping up to the plate.

Here's a report from Matt Palumbo on 2014/15 harvest. Click here.

Rick M. took these photos of the marsh. See your favourite blind?

Take care when using the gear we provide for waterfowlers! Canoes, paddles, and decoys cost a lot of money! They are there for your convenience. Last year we had a number of decoys which were intentionally wrecked. Keep an eye out for anyone acting in a destructive manner with our equipment; talk to them about it, and report the incident to the waterfowl office.

Please find under the Info Booklet tab an updated GPS coordinates sheet and a new map. These will also be provided to in the waterfowl office. Note the GPS coordinates are a compilation of several waterfowlers own records. (Use at your own risk!). If you note an issue with any of them, report it to the waterfowl office.

 Finally, to hunt in A zone one requires their licenses (Ontario) and Migratory Bird Stamp as well as as a Park Pass. The attendants will ask if you have a Park Pass. They cannot issue you a blind if you do not have a valid Park Pass. If you intend to hunt several times at Rondeau, you might consider a summer pass which is good until the end of November. It may be cheaper for you in the long run!

Up Coming Events 2015

RBWA Youth Hunt 2015

-in Memory of Jacob Suitor

This year, our annual Youth Hunt (Oct 2/3, 2015) will undergo a name change. It will be called the Rondeau Bay Waterfowler's Association Youth Hunt 2015 -in Memory of Jacob Suitor! Jacob, son or Sam and Tracey Suitor, passed away suddenly last fall. He was an avid Rondeau Bay Waterfowler who participated in our Youth Hunt five years ago. As a result of donations made to RBWA in memory of Jacob, a special package of equipment for new hunters will be randomly awarded to a participant of the Youth Hunt under the age of 17, for the next five years. A photo of a drake widgeon ( Jacob's favourite duck) will be placed in the waterfowl office and a copy given to Jacob's family.

Brad M. is the Chairman of this event.
Contact him at: 519-287-5022.

If while reading this website you find something incorrect, please  contact admin.

Upcoming Events
B-Zone Blind Removal
March 15, 2017

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