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Information Guide for Waterfowling Practices in Rondeau Provincial Park and Rondeau Bay

The entire info document is available at the Waterfowl office and at the end of this section.  A smaller version of the map is provided in the complete document but a larger one may be dowloaded using the link below.

Letters from the MNR to Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers Association circa 2008

Letter #1                          Letter #2

Title Page

General Information on Waterfowling at Rondeau Provincial Park and Rondeau Bay

Section 1: General Information

Section 2: A-Zone Information

Section 3: B-Zone Information

Section 4.0: Offences Related to Hunting in Rondeau Provincial Park

Section 5.0: A-Zone Blind Map

Section 5.1: GPS Locations

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