President's Message

Welcome! It is indeed a pleasure to have you visit our site. I hope you will also visit Rondeau Provincial Park and participate in the outstanding waterfowling available within either “A” or “B” Zone!!
The Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers Association has been a strong component of Rondeau Park for decades! In conjunction with the Superintendent of the Park we have endeavoured to encourage conservation, rehabilitation, and recreation through our favourite past time – waterfowling.
We are busy throughout the year promoting the Park and waterfowling through our Youth Fishing Derby (held at Erieau each May), our Youth Hunts (in cooperation with our many sponsors) and our Annual Dinner.

We work cooperatively with the Park in maintaining blinds, travel routes and recreational opportunities for waterfowlers.

Come; join us for a great experience in one of the largest public marshes in Southern Ontario. Meet the friendly people at the Waterfowl office and enjoy the stories and information shared by our members.

Remember; practice safety in all your activities. Rondeau Bay can be treacherous. Respect the water at all times.

See you soon!

Yours truly,
Ed Myslik, President of RBWA


The Objectives of the Association

The objectives of the Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers association, in cooperation with Ontario Parks, the Ontario Federation of Anglers & Hunters and the Ministry of Natural Resources is to:

1. Provide controlled public waterfowl hunting in Rondeau Provincial Park

2. To encourage and promote waterfowl hunting as well as the undertakings designed to aid in the protection and conservation of fish and wildlife and their natural habitats

3. Assist with Park projects that will aid in the enhancement of the Park environment.

4. Provide communication to the members regarding the maintenance of the Association and actions taken to achieve its goals.


These objectives will help maintain Rondeau Provincial Park as one of the premier public waterfowling opportunities within the province, while enhancing the natural environment, and promoting use by the public.
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