The Association regards the preservation of Rondeau Bay as a premier public waterfowling site within the Province of Ontario a major objective. Our concerns, suggestions, and ideas are discussed and action taken as situations require.

Many projects have been accomplished which have significantly improved the hunting experience in Rondeau Park. Such projects include (but are not limited to) the building of blinds and their installation, the removal of blinds at the end of the season, the creation of a blind for individuals with special needs, the improvements to the Shrewsbury launch, our youth hunt, the fishing derby, and the annual dinner.

These projects require a great deal of man power. Members of the Association assist with at least one project per year. As well, they actively protect our hunting resource at all times by following the RBWA guidelines. Simple activities such as cleaning a hunting location when you are finished for the day or being very careful to maintain the cover around a blind or shooting point for the next guy are simple responsibilities followed by all members of the RBWA in good standing.

Be a contributing member! Take pride in our accomplishments. Promote our sport!!


Fees for 2019

Fees for membership in the Rondeau Bay Waterfowlers association are listed below.

Please choose a membership package. You may mail your membership and fees to the Waterfowl office, pay in person at the Waterfowl Office, or pay the membership chairman.
Membership Type Price
RBWA & OFAH Memberships - Family $80.00
BWA & OFAH Memberships - Individual $65.00
RBWA & OFAH Memberships - Youth $35.00
BWA & OFAH Memberships - Individual (No Magazine) $35.00
RBWA & OFAH Memberships - Family (No Magazine) $50.00
RBWA Membership Only - Family (+proof of OFAH Membership required) $30.00
RBWA Membership Only - Individual (+proof of OFAH Membership required) $20.00
RBWA Membership Only - Youth (proof of OFAH Membership required) $5.00
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